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Welcome to InfluenceHR

One day can change everything.

InfluenceHR is not your typical conference. We share actionable insight into how to target the HR buyer. Whether you are a CEO, CMO, or VP, our speakers and panelists will change your perspective on sales and marketing. Our industry is at an inflection point, and we prepare you for what’s just around the corner.

We’ll spend one day pulling back the curtain on HCM marketing. Screw buzzwords and meaningless jargon. We’re talking about the way our industry really works so you can focus on market share and competitive advantage.

For one day, you’ll have exclusive access to HR buyers, market-leading analysts and influencers, and trailblazing peers. The panelists and speakers are heading up their own companies’ strategies, so they know what they’re talking about. From enterprise-level market domination to startup innovation, we’re going to have it all. And so can you.

100% of InfluenceHR attendees surveyed would recommend the event to a colleague. Find out why.

Over 200 HR technology executives in marketing, sales, strategy, and business development attended last year.

Our agenda is full of content that HCM-industry executives want: in-depth buyer research, marketing strategies and segments, and insights about brand awareness, demand generation, and marketing technology.

In one day, you can transform your marketing strategy with challenging perspectives, provocative ideas, and disruptive thinking.


One day that makes a difference.

InfluenceHR brings you speakers and panelists who are dealmakers, rising stars, and profit drivers. These sessions offer you exposure to strategies that have worked and closed deals.

  • Learn how new models of B2B marketing get your message to your audience faster.
  • Understand how to effectively target your marketing messages.
  • Hear about the growing secondary market of partnerships and alliances.
  • Learn how market consolidation affects your company’s brand.

Time Session Title Speaker(s)
7:30 AM – 8:30 AM Registration, Networking, and Breakfast

Join us for an hour of networking, pick up your badge, and grab some refreshments and snacks to get fueled up for a full day.

8:30 AM – 8:45 AM Welcome Remarks

InfluenceHR founder and conference chair George LaRocque opens up the 2014 spring conference and prepares attendees for what we have in store.

George LaRocque
8:45 AM – 9:45 AM Keynote: The Challenger Sale: Motivate Buyers and Win Group Purchases

The Challenger Sale: Leading With Insight — How Changing B2B Buyer Behavior Has Changed Engagement for B2B Marketing and Sales

More Coming Soon

Brent Adamson
9:50 AM – 10:50 AM Keynote: Beyond the Campaign: How Innovative Marketers Harness Data to Drive Customer Engagement

If your lead-to-revenue process is still driven by campaigns, you’re behind the vanguard. Campaigns have lost power as a tactic to attract new buyers. And campaigns have never been the most effective strategy to nurture technology buyers through long, complex, multistakeholder buying journeys. To drive more results from your lead-to-revenue investments, you must advance beyond campaigns and adopt a contextual multichannel engagement model.

In this presentation, Lori Wizdo will showcase examples of innovative marketers who are evolving to a contextual marketing model to create highly engaging environments for customer interaction. What it means: higher levels of engagement, shorter end-to-end conversion cycles, increased revenue, and better customer experiences.

Lori Wizdo
10:50 AM – 11:00 AM InfluenceHR Marketing Awards: Meet the Finalists

Get a look at the finalists in the first four categories of the InfluenceHR 2014 Marketing Awards.

George LaRocque
11:00 AM – 11:15 AM Refreshment Break

Grab a snack, refill your coffee, and network with fellow attendees.

11:15 AM – 11:45 AM The Perfect Mashup: Successfully Blending Your Personal and Professional Brands

We live in a time and place where our travels and problems, as well as our personal likes and dislikes, are easily shared with the world. It’s easy to forget that sometimes your professional network doesn’t want to hear about every diaper change, epic Comic-Con, essential salad topping, or barking dog. Learn how a universal code of social media can help you increase your professional brand through elevated social sharing and the right amount of personal exposure.

Rayanne Thorn
11:15 AM – 11:45 AM Marketing with Agile

Agile is a term often associated with software development, but it has a deep and often untapped connection to marketing. Kristin Runyan, an author and Agile enthusiast, will walk us through how Agile can touch and improve all aspects of marketing, from brand awareness to campaign strategies to audience management. Agile offers tools and concepts to enable the entire marketing life cycle.

Kristin Runyan
11:45 AM – 12:15 PM HR Buyer Mindset

B2B marketing is really a misnomer, isn’t it? You’re still working with people, and the HR buyer is already a complicated beast. If you’re unable to understand what’s on the mind of your primary buyer, you won’t ever be able to truly connect with them. And if you’re unable to connect with that person on the other end, it’s a long shot that you’ll ever really compete for their business.

In this session, Mark Stelzner and Chris Connolly lay the groundwork for understanding the HR buyer, how they operate in the current market, and what they need so that both they — and you — can succeed.

Mark Stelzner and Chris Connolly
11:45 AM – 12:15 PM Leveraging Big Data for Big Marketing Results

More information on this session coming soon!

Steve Hardy
12:15 PM – 1:05 PM Lunch and Networking

Get fueled up for the afternoon while you network with fellow attendees.

1:05 PM – 1:35 PM Be Advised

The latest vogue in HR tech is for companies to appoint an advisory board to get some notable names over the door. As soon as you secure funding, a line of people will be looking to get in on the action. But how do you identify who will really help you grow and who is just along for the ride? In this session, Bill Boorman will pull no punches in exploring what advisers should bring to the table and what the perfect advisory board should look like, based on his experience as lead adviser to various talent technology startups. He’ll answer such questions as how to select the best advisers for you, what you should expect in terms of rewards and marketing, and what part the advisers play in the sales funnel. Expect controversy and plenty of interaction.

Bill Boorman
1:05 PM – 1:35 PM Achieving Sustainable Velocity in Product Development

HCM companies have long struggled to recruit, develop, and retain their own tech talent. Many have pursued a globalized, outsourced product-development strategy as a means to maintain velocity and ensure business continuity. Few, if any, talk openly about this strategy. Chris Kalaboukis will pull back the curtain on how world-class software development happens in the 21st century. If you’re a product manager or someone interested in Agile software development, don’t miss this session!

Chris Kalaboukis
1:35 PM – 2:05 PM Relaunched: How a Successful Rebrand Transformed a Company’s Business and Culture

In 2004, Capital Analytics was a consulting brand that had academic language, a conservative brand image, and nonexistent brand recognition — all of which hindered the company’s progress. In 2013, CEO Gene Pease made the decision to invest in a rebrand. Capital Analytics became Vestrics, a leading provider of human capital analytics software and consulting services. A new name, a new color palette, and new brand language were rolled out in the fall of 2013.

Not only did the rebrand give Vestrics a much-needed makeover, it also relaunched the company and changed its corporate culture. With the launch of its new product, Vestrics is now viewed as a cutting-edge software company. Because of the “cool factor,” sales and marketing employees found it natural to take risks in their efforts to attract new clients.

Learn how Vestrics used a rebrand to change not only its company brand but also its internal culture for good.

Gene Pease and Mia Heckendorf
1:35 PM – 2:05 PM Segmentation & Focus: SaaS-y and Smart Rebranding of a Legacy Brand

With the consistently changing market landscape, simply engaging with customers isn’t enough. Companies need to evolve and leverage market segmentation to build relationships. It’s about meeting the customer’s needs on a deeper level. You need to understand the attributes of the buyer and evolve with them. Developing segmented messaging and programs that are relevant to the different audiences is key to attracting and retaining customers.

This session will review:

  • What’s driving the changing landscape
  • How to build trust and loyalty
  • Leveraging market segmentation strategies
  • The right messaging and the right product for the right people
  • Ways to more deeply engage customers and increase response rates
Terry Starr
2:05 PM – 2:15 PM Transition Break

Grab a snack, refill your coffee, and get ready for the next sessions.

2:15 PM – 2:55 PM HR Buyer Panel: Straight From the Source: What HR Buyers Want

Stop dancing around trying to figure out what’s on the minds of buyers and go straight to the source. We’re bringing in the buyers themselves to talk about:

  • Case studies of great vendor relationships
  • The experience of going from prospect to closing a deal
  • What keeps them engaged
Kelly Cartwright and Brad Cook
2:15 PM – 2:55 PM Analyst Relations Panel: The 360 Degrees of Analyst Relations

What’s the role of analysts in the market, and how can vendors make sure they are managing their relationships with the right firms to get the right results?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The role of analysts, successful analyst events, how often analysts take briefings, and how often they prefer access to executives
  • The role of analyst relations in a modern HCM organization and how analyst relations differ from the press or influencers
  • How buyers use analyst content and vendor evaluations

You’ll also hear a case study about how to build a business case for an analyst budget and hear some success stories.

Jayson Saba and Mollie Lombardi
2:55 PM – 3:25 PM Refreshment Break

Grab a snack, refill your coffee, and network with fellow attendees.

3:25 PM – 4:05 PM Sales Panel: The New HR Tech Sales Playbook

We’ve all heard it: Up to 70 percent of the purchase decision is done before you ever get the chance to talk to a prospect. Empowered by new tools and sophisticated knowledge sharing, the new buyer is confident and ready to take on the challenges of buying technology and services.

Three HCM sales executives will talk about the new sales playbook and how they’re not just reacting, but being proactive about how they approach prospects and what it does to a sales funnel.

George LaRocque, Marc Maloy, Dave Carter, and Mike Hard
3:25 PM – 4:05 PM Marketing Panel: Taking HR Technology to the SMB Market

More and more HCM companies are reaching out to the SMB market, with some of them taking more sophisticated approaches than others. New technologies have opened doors for companies to offer enterprise-grade technology and services at a price point and with usability that appeal to the small and midsize markets.

It’s not all about price, though. Our panel will discuss ways they’ve reached out to the SMB market, as well as the opportunities and challenges they’ve faced as they take on this segment. If you’re targeting (or thinking about targeting) this market, you won’t want to miss it.

Blair Jeffris, Debbie Muller, Matt Straz, and Richard Teed
4:05 PM – 4:45 PM Unlocking the Latest Research on the HR Buyer

Maybe you think of HR as cat ladies in benefits or crusty VPs who are past their prime. It’s easy to draw those sorts of conclusions when there is minimal information to the contrary. Research on the HR buyer is hard to come by.

Although some organizations try to extract specific answers to questions they have, not too many do broad-scale research that would be useful to the market as a whole as they learn to market and sell to this diverse group of people.

The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit and LRP Publications — the publisher behind HR Executive® magazine and the HR Technology® Conference — teamed up to broadly research the HR buyer. And what we found will surprise you.

Jonathan Goodman, Lance Haun, and David Shadovitz
4:45 PM – 5:00 PM Closing Remarks and THE INFLUENCEHR MARKETING AWARDS: Meet the Finalists

InfluenceHR founder and conference chair George LaRocque closes the 2014 fall conference and makes some big announcements for InfluenceHR in 2015.

George LaRocque
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM InfluenceHR 2014 Marketing Awards Celebration

Join us down the Strip at Mandalay Bay with our host HR Executive® magazine as we announce the winners in all categories, hand out the awards, and find out who won Best in Show!

See the June 2014 agenda

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No fakers, just people telling you how they get it done.

For one day, we’re bringing you the business leaders who found the edge in their marketing.

Previous speakers include Elaine Orler, James Thomas, Howard Tarnoff, Mark Organ, Bret Starr, Steve Boese, Susan Strayer LaMotte, Josh Bersin, Mike Volpe, Madeline Laurano, and many others.

  • Marc Maloy

    Marc Maloy

    SVP, Sales


    Marc joined Instructure in 2013 to lead the company’s fast-growing sales team. He’s super-passionate about spreading the word about Canvas and its ability to change how the world is educated.

    Marc began his career in operations and spent several years in customer support roles before moving into sales. Most recently, he was head of sales for HireRight and played a big part in growing the business from a startup through a successful IPO. Marc earned his B.S. in both HR and operations management from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

  • Dave Carter

    Dave Carter

    SVP, Sales

    Cornerstone OnDemand

    As senior vice president of sales for Cornerstone OnDemand, Dave leads all sales and pre-sales activities, making sure that Cornerstone’s solutions align with client objectives and deliver significant value. Dave is responsible for leading three separate sales teams focused on selling integrated talent management solutions to enterprise, midmarket, and SMB clients. Prior to joining Cornerstone OnDemand, Dave led high-performing sales teams for HR services and software companies, including Accenture, Ceridian, and ProBusiness (an HR services company later acquired by ADP). Most recently, he led the sales efforts for Accenture’s Human Resource Outsourcing practice focused on midmarket companies with 5,000 to 25,000 employees. At ProBusiness, he led his team through four consecutive years of triple-digit growth as the company grew from $10 million to $150 million in recurring revenue and completed a successful IPO. While at Ceridian, he was responsible for building a successful SMB sales strategy on a Software-as-a-Service platform, ultimately leading more than 150 inside and outside sales reps, who were responsible for establishing more than a 1,000 new client relationships.

  • Mark Stelzner

    Mark Stelzner

    Founder/Managing Principal

    Inflexion Advisors

    Mark is the founder and managing principal of Inflexion Advisors, applying over 20 years of experience in the implementation of internal and external HR transformational initiatives for public and private sector clientele worldwide. Over his career, Mark has brought more than $3.5 billion worth of value to his clients and employers.

    A highly sought-after voice in the industry, Mark has been featured by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and NPR. Mark is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and resides in San Francisco, Calif.

  • Rayanne Thorn

    Rayanne Thorn

    Chief Marketing Officer


    Rayanne is the newly minted chief marketing officer at Apploi, a mobile tech startup based in New York City bent on changing the job-search process. Prior to joining Apploi, Rayanne made a name for herself marketing HR and recruiting technologies during her time at Technomedia Talent Management and Broadbean Technology. She is an avid writer, and her content can be found on Huffington Post, Blogging4Jobs, and LinkedIn. She can also be found hosting a radio show on and moderating the upcoming documentary The Art of Recruiting, currently in pre-production.

    For more information, you can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Gene Pease

    Gene Pease



    With more than 25 years as a CEO, Gene brings a seasoned business perspective to Vestrics, helping translate the company’s breakthrough statistical methodology into software and consulting that bridge the gap between the investments that companies make in their people and how those investments affect business results. Gene is a sought-after thought leader and presenter and is regularly on the speaking docket at industry events. He has presented at the CFO Core Concerns Conference, The Conference Board Human Capital Metrics Conference, and ASTD’s Day of Learning, and he was the 2010 keynote speaker at the Taleo-sponsored Human Capital Institute Innovation Tour. Gene’s expertise lies in building management teams in organizations at startup, during early-stage development, and in turnaround. He has had extensive success raising capital, developing businesses, and establishing strategic partnerships. Under Gene’s leadership, Vestrics (as Capital Analytics) was recognized by Bersin by Deloitte as a “2012 Bersin Learning Leader;” by the ROI Institute for “Best Innovative Approach to ROI” in 2011; by Gartner in 2009 and 2011 in their Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management; and by Gartner as its 2008 “Cool Vendor of the Year.” Gene earned his master’s in business administration with honors in entrepreneur and venture management from the University of Southern California. He holds a bachelor’s in architecture from the University of Cincinnati.

  • Mia Heckendorf

    Mia Heckendorf

    Director of Marketing


    Mia is currently the director of marketing at Vestrics. In the past three years, Mia orchestrated, with the help of outside consultants, a corporate rebrand from Capital Analytics to Vestrics. She coordinates all company communication and supports product development initiatives. Mia leads a small women’s business leadership group in Raleigh, N.C. She is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a bachelor’s in marketing.

  • Bill Boorman

    Bill Boorman



    Bill has worked in and around recruiting for the last 35 years. He has survived corporate life, and now he never wears a suit and always wears a hat. He travels and speaks in more than 65 countries a year, spanning four continents, as the founder of #GlobalTru, the recruiting “unconference.” This means he speaks and listens to more than 2,000 professionals in the people space, converting these conversations into product advice, support, and research for startups looking to make a global impact. Bill is lead adviser to seven technology companies, as well as advising global corporations such as Oracle, BBC, Hard Rock Cafe, and KPMG on technology and methodology. He believes in test practice over best practice and that products should always be in beta.

  • Kelly Cartwright

    Kelly Cartwright

    Talent Acquisition Leader

    Kelly is the talent acquisition leader for consumables at Amazon. In this role, she is responsible for developing and executing the talent acquisition strategy for Amazon Fresh, Health & Beauty, Grocery, Pantry, Baby, and Payment Products, along with many “top secret” emerging businesses and products.

    Prior to her current role, she was senior vice president, client shared services at Randstad Sourceright.

    In this position, she was responsible for driving performance and innovation for Randstad Sourceright’s RPO solutions. Key areas of focus included sourcing, assessments, screening, social media, and employment branding. Recognized as one of the Top 100 HR Influencers by HR Examiner, Kelly has more than 20 years of experience in the talent management industry, with deep expertise in the rapid development, delivery, and implementation of professional services and technology solutions. Prior to joining Randstad Sourceright, she was the general manager of The Newman Group, a leading talent management consultancy, where she oversaw its strategic direction, development, and growth.

  • Brad Cook

    Brad Cook

    Global VP, Talent Acquisition


    Brad is global vice president of talent acquisition at Informatica, the world’s number one independent provider of data integration software. He is passionate about the opportunities that the changing recruiting landscape holds and what that means to talent attraction within today’s world of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning.

    He is a subject-matter expert in the development and implementation of global talent acquisition strategies (Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific and Japan), change management, services sales, and sales management, as well as global business operations. Brad has a very nontraditional background for talent acquisition, as he started his career in sales and business operations. He moved into recruiting in 2005 to rebuild Cisco’s recruiting engine globally and served as director of global staffing. In his earlier Cisco career, he led the Global Sales & Business Operations and World-Wide Change Management teams. His vision and strategy stem from the customer-centric view he adopted as a sales manager in his early sales career.

    Under his leadership, Informatica received five industry recognition awards during 2011–12, and he was personally awarded the 2012 HR Symposium Award of Excellence in HR and, more recently, the 2013 HR Rising Star Award from Human Resource Executive® magazine. Brad has become a requested speaker at HR-related events due to his deep understanding of the recruiting landscape and willingness to impart his knowledge and views.

    He has produced a unique strategic architecture that combines competitive intelligence mapping with knowledge management systems to ensure the interconnectedness of systems, processes, and tools. Recruitment industry leaders have taken notice of this data-centric approach, which combines advanced sourcing techniques, social 3.0-attraction and engagement activities, and a holistic SEO strategy to power the engine of Informatica’s world-class lead-generation capabilities. As a result, Informatica is at the forefront of developing native talent-knowledge libraries that enable targeted crowdsourcing methods that result in passive pipeline fulfillment and candidate retention.

  • Jayson Saba

    Jayson Saba

    VP, Strategy and Industry Relations


    Jayson is the vice president of marketing strategy and industry relations at Ceridian. His responsibilities include analyst relations, PR, and go-to-market strategy for Dayforce HCM, market intelligence, and competitive strategy. Prior to joining Ceridian, he was the lead analyst, covering core HR, workforce management, and outsourcing at the HCM practice of Boston-based Aberdeen Group. During his tenure, he wrote and published more than 100 research papers and benchmark reports. Before Aberdeen, Jayson helped develop and launch a suite of self-service retirement benefit tools at Fidelity Investments. In addition to his research, he continues to blog, speak at HR events, and contribute to leading HR and industry-leading publications such as The Economist, CIO, HR Executive, HRO Today, PayTech, Talent Management, and Workforce Management magazines. Jayson also gives lectures about HR issues and technology to graduate and undergraduate students at universities and colleges, including the University of Massachusetts and NYU.

    Jayson earned a B.S. in business administration, with a minor in economics, from the University of New Hampshire, and an MBA from the McCallum Graduate School of Business at Bentley University.

  • Steven Hardy

    Steven Hardy

    VP, Strategy and Marketing


    Steve joined ADP in October 2011 and brings more than 17 years of global marketing and product marketing experience in enterprise software, hardware, and services. Steve is currently leading ADP’s brand strategy, defining and developing consistent brand messaging and storytelling across all businesses and communications platforms in support of ADP’s ambitious goal to become the leader in global human capital management services. He was previously responsible for strategy and marketing in the global, large enterprise segment, where he oversaw marketing planning and execution and strategic planning. Steve has a particular interest in emerging technologies and has spoken on industry panels discussing cloud, globalization, human capital, talent, and mobility.

    Prior to joining ADP, Steve led the global product and solutions marketing team for Avaya’s $2 billion Unified Communications and Collaboration Software business. Prior to Avaya, Steve held numerous positions of increasing responsibility in product management and marketing for Intel, 3Com, and Sun Microsystems, both in Europe and the U.S. Steve received his B.A. with honors in marketing from the University of Huddersfield, U.K. When he’s not working, traveling the globe, or spending time with his family, he is an avid downhill skier and runner.

  • Matt Straz

    Matt Straz



    Matt is the founder and CEO of Namely, the HR and payroll platform for growing companies. Namely’s platform offers a full suite of HR, payroll, benefits administration, and time-tracking features for midsize organizations. Prior to Namely, Matt was co-founder of Pictela, the ad tech company that was acquired by AOL in 2010. Previously, he was senior partner at MEC, the global media agency, where he helped to build the digital practice. Matt presents and writes regularly about HR, startups, and technology.

  • Jonathan Goodman

    Jonathan Goodman

    Managing Director

    The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit

    Jonathan is the managing director of The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, the advisory, consulting, and research arm of The Starr Conspiracy, the leading strategic marketing and advertising agency serving enterprise software and services companies. Jonathan has consulted and delivered services across the entire spectrum of brand, message, and promotional programs for dozens of clients that have changed their destinies for the better. Today, he’s responsible for all aspects of the Intelligence Unit’s growth, profitability, service innovation, and client delivery.

    Jonathan earned a B.A. in philosophy from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, a nationally recognized liberal arts university.

  • Lance Haun

    Lance Haun

    Practice Leader

    The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit

    Lance Haun is practice leader of thought leadership and industry positioning at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, the research, consulting, and publishing arm of the marketing and advertising agency focused on the enterprise software and services space. Formerly, he was an editor at ERE Media, an HR and recruiting trade publication and conference company, for three years. He also wrote the Your HR Guy blog on for more than two years. His background includes seven years of HR experience (primarily as a recruiter, generalist, and manager) and six years of social media and blogging experience in the HR/recruiting sphere. He has been featured on the Harvard Business Review blog,, and, and in The Wall Street Journal, HR Magazine, Workforce Magazine, and Fast Company. He has been a regular contributor at,, and

  • George LaRocque

    George LaRocque

    Director, Go-to-market Services

    The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit

    George is known as the leading strategist and go-to-market consultant for B2B HR-related technology and the human capital management (HCM) marketplace. George has personally launched market-leading B2B HR technology brands to profitability, funding, or both. He is founder and conference chair of the InfluenceHR conference, where vendors marketing and selling to the HR buyer learn to transform their marketing strategy. George is also founder of the #hrwins reports on innovation in HR technology. He has more than 20 years of general management, marketing, sales, and sales management experience, and more than 10 years of experience building companies that provide cloud-based software via the Software-as-a-Service model.

  • Blair Jeffris

    Blair Jeffris



    Blair has deep experience building and running online businesses, from startups to units of Fortune 100 companies, with much of his professional career focused on the massive opportunity for our generation to create and use technology to transform the way products and services are discovered, purchased, and delivered. As a seasoned executive who has led efforts to achieve rapid growth and scale operations, he is always focused on execution and likes to get his hands dirty.

    Prior to joining ReTargeter, he served as head of marketing and business development for LivePerson. He has held management positions with FixYa, AT&T Interactive/, and Ingenio from its beginnings through its acquisition by AT&T.

  • Richard Teed

    Richard Teed


    LBi Software

    Richard is president and chief operating officer of LBi Software. He has more than 26 years of application development and project management experience. Richard has managed several large HR ERP upgrades and installations. He has also managed several large multiyear custom-application projects. As president and COO, Richard has led the transformation of LBi Software from a custom development shop to a product-based firm, launching its flagship solution, LBi HR HelpDesk, in 2007. He is also a frequent contributor to LBi’s corporate blog and newsletter.

  • Debbie Muller

    Debbie Muller


    HR Acuity

    Debbie is the CEO of HR Acuity, a technology firm specializing in human resources applications, including the HR Acuity On-Demand family of applications. Debbie brings more than 25 years of human resources and investigation experience to both the consulting practice and software development sides of the company.

    Prior to founding HR Acuity, Debbie held executive HR positions in numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Honeywell, Citibank, and Marsh & McLennan, where she developed a seasoned approach to workplace conduct, performance management, and employee interactions.

    Debbie has led fact-finding cases involving a wide range of complex investigations, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and inappropriate use of company funds. She drove the successful resolution of many litigation-bound situations and preserved the dignity of those investigated.

    Debbie redesigned strategic organizations, drove extensive change management initiatives, coached and developed senior executives, and handled due diligence and integration activities for company acquisitions. She is highly regarded by previous employers and colleagues as a leader who “gets the job done” with excellence, thoroughness, and confidence. Her practical and defensible solutions for employee relations have earned her high praise from chief HR officers, general counsels, and employment lawyers.

    Debbie earned her B.S. from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and an M.A. from the University of Maryland. Additionally, she has completed training on the Reid technique of interviewing and interrogation and is listed on the Cornell University Institute for Conflict Resolution’s Roster of Neutral Fact-Finders. Debbie is also certified as a Six Sigma Green Belt.

  • Chris Kalaboukis

    Chris Kalaboukis



    Chris is the CTO of Symbio, an innovative global product development firm. He is also a prolific inventor with 42 issued patents and 110 pending patents, as well as an exceptional innovator who has launched and headed internal innovation programs at Yahoo, Wal-Mart e-commerce, and Citigroup. Chris is an experienced technologist, serial entrepreneur, and a practical futurist, having launched and run corporate futurist programs envisioning far-forward products and services. He blogs regularly at and

  • Brent Adamson

    Brent Adamson


    The Challenger Sale

    Brent is well known for his passion for “productive disruption.” Brent is a sought-after speaker and facilitator, with more than 20 years of experience as a professional researcher, teacher, and trainer. Brent facilitates a wide range of executive-level discussions around the world for Fortune 500/Global 1000 executives in sales, marketing, and customer service, including global sales meetings, keynote presentations, board-level presentations, and hands-on best-practice workshops. In his nearly 10 years at CEB, Brent has been privileged to work with some of the greatest thought leaders in B2B sales and marketing.

    Brent serves as chief storyteller for CEB, broadly spanning subjects from customer loyalty to sales rep performance to organizational productivity. He believes sharing information through stories and anecdotes gets people to pull an idea or opinion apart, look at it with a new lens, and put it back together in a better way. In short, stories drive action.

    In addition, Brent is a frequent contributor on sales topics on Harvard Business Review’s blog and CEB’s sales blog as well as being published in Bloomberg Businessweek and Selling Power.

    A native of Omaha, Neb., Brent joined CEB from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where he received his MBA with distinction. Prior to that, he served on the faculty of Michigan State University as a Professor of German and Applied Linguistics. In addition to his MBA, Brent holds a B.A. with distinction in political science from the University of Michigan along with M.A.s in political science and German, and a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from the University of Texas.

  • Lori Wizdo

    Lori Wizdo

    Principal Analyst

    Forrester Research

    Lori serves B2B marketers who must improve their processes to acquire new customers and meet revenue goals. She researches and advises on the core marketing operations of customer attraction, nurturing, conversion, and life-cycle value management. The research reveals a holistic lead-to-revenue management (L2RM) approach that leverages the right strategy, tools, tactics, and budget to achieve specific sales and marketing objectives. Lori also covers the marketing automation software that B2B marketers can deploy to scale operations, manage with metrics, and maximize return on marketing investment.

    Lori is a technology marketing veteran with more than 25 years of experience in conceptualizing and implementing comprehensive marketing programs for pioneering software companies. She has held senior sales and marketing positions with a diverse set of technology firms — from venture-backed startups to global corporations, including BMC Software, Xerox, NCR, and Unisys. Lori is a frequent speaker at industry events. She is a recognized thought leader, and her articles have been published in various journals, including CIO and B2B Marketing.

    Lori is a summa cum laude graduate of Pennsylvania State University.

  • Kristin Runyan

    Kristin Runyan

    VP, Product Management


    Kristin is the vice president of product management at Businessolver, a benefits administration company located in West Des Moines, Iowa. Kristin is the co-author of a textbook called Introduction to Agile Methods, which was released in the summer of 2014. Kristin is certified as a Scrum Master (CSM), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), and a Project Management Professional (PMP). She is also a 2011 winner of the Women of Innovation award from the Technology Association of Iowa. Kristin got her undergraduate degree at Texas Christian University and her MBA at Saint Louis University.

  • Mike Hard

    Mike Hard



    Mike is the CEO of BountyJobs, a cloud-based enterprise agency management system. Companies use BountyJobs to consolidate their existing recruiting agencies, centralize agency spend and administration, and improve agency performance. BountyJobs is the preferred contingent search solution for more than one-third of the Fortune 500 and has a private marketplace featuring more than 10,000 approved third-party recruiting agencies. Mike has two decades of success in the technology industry. Prior to BountyJobs, he was an executive with Microsoft for 17 years. He was vice president of U.S. sales for MSN; ran subsidiaries for Microsoft in Asia, Latin America, and New York; and was given the Microsoft Builders Award for launching the company’s Financial Services Group in 1999. He received his B.A. from Yale in 1984, his MBA from Harvard in 1991, and was a member of the U.S. National Rowing team in 1988 and 1989. He lives with his wife and family in New York City.

  • Chris Connolly

    Chris Connolly

    Managing Principal

    Inflexion Advisors

    Chris is a managing principal of Inflexion Advisors, bringing more than 25 years of hands-on experience across all facets of HR transformation. Throughout his career, Chris has assisted internal and external clients with projects involving HR strategy, service delivery, technology, talent management, business case development, outsourcing, and change management.

    Prior to Inflexion Advisors, Chris held leadership and front-line roles in technology, professional development, and HR outsourcing for firms including NorthgateArinso, Convergys, Hewlett Packard, Pearson, The Forum, and Unisys. Chris’ focus on improving results through systematic process development and improvement, exceptional resource management, technology alignment, and proven motivational concepts has resulted in a sustained record of delivering bottom-line results and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Terry Starr

    Terry Starr

    Director of Social Media Strategy


    Terry is the director of social media strategy at Dice. With more than 10 years of management-level experience and more than six years of social media experience in the tech and recruitment space, she has developed and implemented successful social media and engagement strategies, events marketing, and blogger outreach for Dice, focused on with support to other brands such as ClearanceJobs, eFinancialCareers, HealthCallings, Rigzone, and Targeted Job Fairs. She is also the co-founder of, the “Facebook for Moms” and a “go-to” destination for moms on their journey back into the workforce. Before joining Dice, Terry served as division president at SL3 Group for six years and regional vice president at TMP Worldwide for five years.

  • Mollie Lombardi

    Mollie Lombardi

    VP and Principal Analyst

    Brandon Hall Group

    Mollie is vice president and principal analyst, workforce management for Brandon Hall Group. She has spent the last 15 years working with HR leaders across the globe and has conducted research that includes surveys and interviews with tens of thousands of end users to understand the key workforce challenges facing today’s organizations. Her research focuses on understanding the combination of strategies, processes, and tools and technologies that enable organizations to achieve measurable business success. Mollie’s research and consulting work has helped organizations in a wide variety of industries unleash the potential of their talent, unlock the insights from their workforce data, and think through the change management challenges required by shifting demographics, changing marketplace needs, and technological innovation in the human capital space. She has written and spoken about a wide variety of HCM topics, including strategic workforce management, workforce planning, employee assessments, and learning, as well as the use of emerging technologies.

  • David Shadovitz

    David Shadovitz


    Human Resource Executive® magazine

    David, editor and co-publisher of Human Resource Executive®, a leading magazine for executives in the human resource profession, has more than 25 years of experience in publishing. He also serves as vice president of editorial for the LRP Magazine Group, publisher of Human Resource Executive® and Risk & Insurance magazines.

    David joined the LRP Magazine Group in 1987 and worked on the startup of both publications. Previously, he was editor-in-chief of Gordon Publications’ Computer Dealer magazine. In addition, he has held senior editorial positions for several industrial magazines.

    He is a recipient of a number of editorial awards, including three Jesse H. Neal Editorial Achievement Awards.

    In 1996, David was inducted into the National Academy of Human Resources, one of the HR profession’s most prestigious awards.

  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith


    The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit

    Steve is a partner at The Starr Conspiracy, a strategic marketing and advertising agency that focuses on strategy, brand development, demand generation, and digital media for enterprise software companies. The agency has worked with hundreds of HR technology software and services clients since 1999 — from early-stage startups to established industry leaders. He’s also chief of The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, an experienced team of thought leadership and research experts who deliver strategic guidance and big ideas you need to improve marketing results and truly connect with buyers. Steve has developed industry-leading brand and message positions for many category leaders in enterprise software and authored hundreds of white papers and research reports on HR technology and human capital management topics. He’s also a former newspaper journalist and HR communications consultant for enterprise-class companies in healthcare, transportation, energy, and commercial real estate.

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